As the clock struck midnight on 31 December 2016, I made a decision that would change my life

Dawn Gatward

I was drunk and alone. Not the scenario I’d dreamed about, and definitely not the life I had envisioned for myself (I mean, as a child I’d daydreamed about travelling the world, speaking on stage, being adored by thousands and making a difference)

I found a scrappy piece of paper and wrote on it…

“Dear Universe. I want to be happy. Please help me”

Then I lit a candle and burnt the fu*ker

That simple little prayer. That act of surrender. It led me onto a path of soul awakening, spiritual discovery, and self-healing

It wasn’t obvious at the time, but that was the beginning of my consciousness upgrade


Which, by the way, isn't a specific job or career. It's a love of life. Fully embodying who you are and living each day to the fullest. It's making each moment count, and being the very best version of yourself. It's wanting to make a difference, and helping to raise the collective consciousness of the Planet.

After running my coffee shop business like a zombie for 10 years, I actually had that lightbulb moment that maybe one day you’ll see reenacted on the big screen (because, why not!)

I’M BORED I thought

There’s got to be more to life than this

So I left (after an unexplained illness took over my body and forced me to reassess my life)

I had no idea where I was heading, but I took the first step anyway

So I went from ‘Barista’ to ‘Spiritual Teacher’ in just a few months

I threw myself into learning anything that sparked an interest. And I applied everything to my life, testing all sorts of techniques, rituals, practices and strategies

There was nothing I taught or shared that I hadn’t gone through myself first

Some would call me obsessed. But I like to think of it as PASSIONATE.

When you find the things that you would happily live and breath every single day, that’s when your life becomes meaningful and full of magick

My dreams were actually coming true.

I had the freedom I’d always wanted.

And I was finally loving who I was.

After my spiritual re-awakening, I shared my journey quite openly on social media. And the more I talked non-stop about my experiences (and my results) I noticed that people wanted to know more!

The teacher was awakened and the Priestess with a Purpose was born

A Priestess is a vessel for the Divine

She’s a spiritual leader who has journeyed with curiosity and magick, and is dedicated to serving humanity with her gifts and wisdom.

She follows with her heart and lets her intuition (and Feminine essence) guide her.

But most women are unaware of their potential, and I bet my sexy pants that you have an inner desire for more.

Now, if you’re anything like me then having a business that embodies your spirituality is a no-brainer.

But do you actually feel fully aligned with it? Is it growing the way you dreamt it would?

On my journey I found there was a divide in all the things I loved. For business, it was very focused on the practical and on masculine strategies. But when it came to soul growth, there was no structure – winging it with your intuition seemed to be the norm.

Thankfully things have changed in the past few years and there seems to be a shift towards bringing the two together.

And I’m one of those rare breeds [flicks hair]

I know the power of unity and creating a harmonised approach that embodies the full spectrum of magick.

Soul Purpose and Alignment

Consciousness and Self Awareness

Moon Magick and Marketing

Now if there’s a teeny tiny part of you that’s eye rolling yourself into another dimension at the thought of yet another ‘intuitive business coach’ then think again…

Because I don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ work.

I serve a bespoke and unique approach to your table. Most of the work I do is specific to the individual (because we’re all special in our own way) ~ when you try to follow someone else’s methodology, it can be frustrating when it doesn’t quite give you the same results.

So if you’re ready to shake up the game of life, with a sprinkle of sass and a shot of logic infused magick then look no further!

As per my name (Dawn), I’m the bringer of light. Your very own sarcastic ray of sunshine, sent by the Universe to guide you on your quest to glorious purpose.

Fact #1 – I have a slight (ahem) addiction to cheese

Fact #2 – My friends call me Dawny

Fact #3 – I have an ongoing manifestation-in-progress that involves mojitos with Tom Hiddleston

Fact #4 – I’m currently either getting distracted with Pinterest (hello tattoo board) OR I’m binging on Netflix (it could be vampires, faeries or musicals)