6 Steps To Living A Life Of Happiness


It’s something that you seek to achieve with everything you do; from the relationships you have and the work you do, to how you spend your money and your time. It’s the driving force, and your birthright to experience. Your perception of happiness can be completely different to someone else’s, which is why it’s such a personal thing and shouldn’t be compared to your friends or your families. Your journey is unique and requires your loving attention.

Why can happiness be such a darn struggle?

Well, you could blame it on being human. After all, you come into your body equipped with a beautiful mind (which wants to protect you at all cost) but too often you succumb to the fear it uses to keep you ‘safe’ in your comfort bubble. You forget that you’re a divine being, worthy of whatever you desire – so you water down your dreams. The conditioning of society means that you’re constantly trying to fit into the ‘norm’ – you judge yourself for not wanting or achieving the same as someone else, and you let your past hold you back because of things that might not have gone as planned.

With the crazy, busy world you live in, it’s easy to get confused with everything that’s filling your mind each day. So happiness becomes a second (or third) thought while you juggle the many balls that you’ve somehow acquired. Happiness becomes a distant thought because it seems such a far-fetched dream

However! Happiness is super easy to achieve and you can absolutely be happy with your life right now if you so choose!

Are you ready to be the happiest person you know?

I feel ya. I struggled for years to find any joy in my life (I just got up each day and existed). But one day I said enough was enough and went on a journey of self-discovery; throwing myself into personal development and qualifying in various modalities that helped transform my life

By following the six-steps below you’ll not only feel happier, but you’ll have the tools to make huge shifts in your life:

  • STEP ONE (getting conscious): If you don’t know what you want out of life then it’s easy to stumble forward feeling uninspired and empty. There’s nothing for you to aim for and nothing to fuel the fire in your soul. By looking at where you currently are and at what doesn’t make you happy, then you can make a plan to change things for the better.

Action: I want you to create a list of the things that make you happy. It can be as simple as a morning cup of tea, or as extravagant as a luxury trip away. By being consciously aware of what brings a smile to your face, you can start to incorporate more happy into your day – hello joy! Dawn Gatward | Blog | Happiness

  • STEP TWO (managing your mind chatter): Life happens. There are going to be challenges to overcome. Things may not always go as planned but that’s okay. Words are powerful and when you use them in your favour, they can make anything happen. It’s a well known fact that your thoughts become things, so when you have a negative mindset and see only problems, guess what, that’s what you get more of. So what are you going to lose by switching it up and adding a positive spin to your day? Nothing. What will you gain? Everything (and a whole load of happy too)

Action: Pay attention to the words and phrases you use, and give them a joy boost. The situation won’t change immediately, but you can change your feeling toward it

Example 1: I have to go to work. Urgh I hate it.

JOY BOOST = I’m fortunate that I get to work. It helps me pay my bills and allows me to treat myself

Example 2: I can’t afford to go on holiday this year. Urgh. Life sucks, I deserve a break.

JOY BOOST = How can I afford a holiday this year? Let’s explore some ideas (and where shall I go?)

  • STEP THREE (reconnect to self): How many times do you do something just to please someone else, or because it’s what they expect? Are you happy putting yourself first or do you struggle to say YES to the things that make you smile? Do you talk yourself out of doing something because you suddenly second-guess your choice or fear you’ll be judged in some way? It’s time that you paid less attention to the outside world, and more to the world that’s inside you.

Action: Spend at least 5-10 minutes each day meditating. This will strengthen your connection to you and your inner voice will become louder (making it less likely to say no to yourself)

My favourite forms of meditation include a quiet walk in nature (without a phone) and sitting quietly with my eyes closed. Simple

  • STEP FOUR (controlling time): The past is something that has been. You can’t change it but yet you allow it to have a strong hold over you, preventing you from moving forward. On the flip side, the future hasn’t yet happened but you spend a lot of your time there. Did you know you have the power to control time? The real and only time is in the NOW. The present moment is a valuable gift yet it’s often wasted by being allowed to pass you by.

Action: Become more present. Look around you and appreciate the things you have. Grab your list of what makes you happy and do one of those things – don’t wait for a future event, do it now! Dawn Gatward | Blog | Happiness

  • STEP FIVE (breaking the cycle): Take notice of the patterns that keep repeating in your life; the partners you choose, the types of jobs you accept, the opportunities you turn down. You’re stuck in a never-ending cycle that needs breaking.

Action: Break out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you. Beyond your bubble of safety lies your biggest growth where miracles can happen. Say yes to new things, date someone that’s not your usual type – if it scares you but excites you at the same time, that’s a cue to go for it

  • STEP SIX (reclaiming your power): Your emotions guide you. Whether you’re feeling sad, angry, happy, excited or fearful, these emotions show you where you’re at in your life and it’s important that you honour them. When you ignore your feelings and try to hide them away they lie dormant under the surface, gaining in strength until they explode. So let your feelings flow freely and reclaim the power that is yours.

Action: Feel your feelings. Let them move through you as and when they need to, and be proud of them. Express your happiness through song and laughter. Journal your fears. Cry out your tears of sadness. Dance your way through anger

What do I do now?

Well I suggest that you tackle each step one at a time – spend some time with it and get comfortable with the actions until they become part of your daily routine. There’s no time limit with these six-steps, they’re designed to be simple and easy to follow.

Remember: you’re the CEO of your life. Happiness is your birthright and you can have it when YOU choose