The Soul’s Journey (through the houses)

Your chart is more than just a blueprint of you, it actually represents the journey of the soul and when you understand the full cycle then you can choose to take a deep dive into a full year of growth / expansion.

To make it as simple as possible, it’s easier to break the chart down into four quadrants – each focusing on a different part of your journey. I’d recommend following this journey based on the Sun seasons (because it gives you more time to work with the energy) but you can also follow the Moon as well (if you’re in the mood for something speedier)

Note: everyone’s chart is different, and although the meaning of the houses is the same, your Rising sign depicts your starting point. Simple apply the zodiac’s energy as you move through each stage of the journey.


This is where the journey of the soul begins. It’s all about self discovery and understanding who you are at soul level – your cosmic blueprint and essence. It’s a fun and explorative quadrant where you can get curious, and learn to feel good in yourself. It’s also where you get to enjoy what life has to offer (particularly in the material realm)

House ONE – symbolises the breath of life and who you were born (or reborn) to be – your character + your talents. This is where you learn how others see you subconsciously (what you look like and feel like to them) It’s the qualities you rise into as you become more aware of yourself – which layer upon each other with every new cycle.

House TWO – where and how you flourish in the material realm. This part of the journey shows you (and delivers to you) the resources needed to develop yourself.

House THREE – the interests that support your growth. Here you’ll learn (and be drawn to) any added skills and knowledge you need that will help you grow into the current version of yourself.


This is when you begin to connect with the world around you. It’s a time to shift your focus from yourself and fulfilling your own needs, to caring for (and sharing yourself) with others. This part of the journey helps you find where you belong and starts to build connection with others. 

House FOUR – represents your family and roots, where your learned patterns stem from (and what they are). Here you get to practice at developing relationships with others, by focusing your attention on those who are closest to you. It’s from these that you also learn more about others in society.

House FIVE – your inner child wants to play, have fun and dance with the Universe. This is when you get to explore your inner creatrix and share your creative talents with the world. You’ll also get to share your joy and love with others (by starting new relationships and romancing yourself)

House SIX – it’s time to take an active role in society and get your life in order. This part of the journey helps you to find the work you want to dedicate yourself to, so you can be of service. It’s also important to be in a position to give to others when you’re at your best, by making sure your self-care practices and routines are a focus.


The journey deepens as you start to see life from a different perspective. You’ve gained the skills, the knowledge and the experience from interacting with the outside world – now it’s time to start looking for new ways to deal with life. In this stage you begin exploring philosophies, partnering with similar minds (and those you can learn from) and expanding your belief system / knowledge.

House SEVEN – representative of partnerships, this is when you can join forces with others. In order for expansion to happen, it’s important to team up, make alliances and deepen your commitment to those who align with your goals and values – this part of the journey is shared and enriches the experience.

House EIGHT – things now get intense. Rose coloured glasses are dropped during this part of the journey, and you can start to see things for what they really are. This is a time of soulful transformation, where you can dive deeper into your passions and your fears by exploring the subconscious and the psyche.

House NINE – more learning comes your way. You’ll naturally want to expand on all your previous experiences and discover what else life has to offer. You’ll do this by testing a different approach to life, by trying on new beliefs (based on where your curiosities take you) and saying yes to adventure / travel (whether physical or spiritual – outer or inner)


The Soul Journey finishes the cycle with the fourth quadrant, which focuses on the reputation and rewards you’ve gathered (with all that you’ve worked for) This is a time to go inward and reflect upon everything you’ve learnt, understanding your gained expertise and how you’ve expanded / grown. This is the time where you play a bigger role in society and show up in your full mastery and truth – using all the challenges, experiences and wins to reveal the bigger picture of the current cycle.

House TEN – the focus lands on your profession. Your business or career has been developing throughout the cycle from all the embodied / lived experience, and it now comes together to build a solid reputation. This is where your status matches your vision for the future.

House ELEVEN – your purpose and destiny inside the collective suddenly makes a lot more sense. This part of the journey is about building relationships with people who share similar goals / values / dreams, and recognising your unique gifts / contribution to the world.

House TWELVE – the final part of the journey invites you to reconnect in with your soul. It’s a time to check back in with your higher self and source, opening up yourself to question your higher purpose and to strengthen your spirituality. This is a time to let go of all things that no longer align or serve you, so you’re ready to start the cycle all over again.

FOR EACH NEW CYCLE YOU JOURNEY THROUGH… You’ll be invited to go deeper and experience more. Things may shift and change, but that’s okay because as you grow then so does your Soul Journey.