Create a MORE abundant business! (and life)


Learn how to step into astrological alignment by following my Cosmic Consciousness Framework™

Cosmic Consciousness is a powerful tool that enables you to fully understand yourself at soul level AND brings more clarity to business

With a higher consciousness, you can increase your own confidence and achieve greater success… and when you super charge your consciousness expansion with astrology you become an abundant badass (that has an aligned AF business!)

Learn how to read your natal chart and how to embody each of the zodiac archetypes

Get an understanding of how to use your chart for business growth

Start unlocking your soul purpose and discovering your core essence


This is a 12-week program that takes you through the zodiac archetype journey AND your entire natal chart. Inside you’ll be shown how to open your mind to other possibilities, how to step into the next-level version of yourself AND how to stand out and shine in business!

Each week you’ll explore a different part of your chart, and learn how it relates to you (and to your business)

  • Private FB group for support
  • Video tutorials + PDF workbooks


Week 1 (Aries): Soul business inventory / visibility

Week 2 (Taurus): Core passions / making money

Week 3 (Gemini): Timeline exploration / communication 

Week 4 (Cancer): Core needs / audience

Week 5 (Leo): Creating the vision / offers

Week 6 (Virgo): Identity / day-to-day systems

Week 7 (Libra): Self-worth / soulmate clients

Week 8 (Scorpio): Limiting beliefs / audience transformation

Week 9 (Sagittarius): Boundaries / signature program

Week 10 (Capricorn): Soulful strategy / reputation

Week 11 (Aquarius): Astro planning / social media

Week 12 (Pisces): Business mysticism (magickal tools for growth)


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If you love astrology (even if you do not have any previous knowledge) and have ever wondered where your business strengths may lie or you just want to get to know yourself better through astrology and self-enquiry - this is a great course to join.


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Dive right in before you miss out or you can try and learn off google and be utterly confused at the cross over of information and different variation. Dawn's way resonates for those genuinely soul searching and needing a different approach and insight using intuitive approach to cut out all the BS


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