The Cosmic Playground is a monthly membership that helps you be, do and have IT ALL

It’s a community for those who are ready to play the game of life.

For those who crave unlimited abundance.

For the dreamers, the mystics, the star gazers + change makers.

Here you get to journey with the magick of the Universe (and have fun while doing it)



Cosmic Forecasts

Every month you’ll receive an overview into the current Zodiac season, to help you work with its energies for greater alignment. You will also get a heads-up on any relevant planetary events and receive regular intuitive readings to support your journey

Cosmic Content

I’ll be bringing you trainings every month to support the season – from spells and journaling prompts, to rituals and meditations. In addition there’ll be plenty of Moon Magick to indulge in, as well as the monthly ‘Embodiment Sessions’ where a guest expert brings their wisdom for you to further implement the cosmic energies.

Cosmic Clinic

A monthly drop-in session for Q+A’s, chart insights and guidance to help you gain clarity and lean into the energy of expansion. There’s also a private member channel for daily discussions and regular updates


The Cosmic Playground

HEY THERE, I’M DAWN (a.k.a. your Cosmic Cheerleader)

I’ve spent the past fifteen years finding my way in life + business. Being a true Sagittarius, I can’t stop learning and have spent £££££’s on courses and coaching and books – which I now pass onto my students through the work I do.

This membership was born out of my own love for learning – especially when it came to the magick of the Universe. I want to know as much as I can. And I want to embody the cosmic energies around us for greater joy and abundance. The journey to soul expansion can be confusing (and lonely), and it’s hard to find other wild soul who dare to be a bit different. So I manifested my own community and the membership was born

In this membership you’ll find new and exciting ways to embody all the glorious aspects of yourself (as well as becoming a magnet for unlimited abundance)

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