What Makes A Modern Day Priestess?


Grounded in surrender, but with the heart of a fierce warrior 

Empowering, and working for the greater good of humanity

Rooted into the earth, but connected with the cosmos

Flowing with the cycles of the moon

In her own personal power and sacred sexuality 

For as long as I can remember hearing the word ‘priestess’ made me smile. It felt so natural, so mystical and something I wanted to embody more of – even though it was years before I understood why

But what does being a priestess actually mean?

For many, they see a woman in flowing robes and flowers in her hair doing magickal rituals and being worshipped as something divine. This sounds pretty awesome, but there’s so much more to it. And in reality, the work involved is deep and powerful (aka hardcore AF)

Dawn Gatward | Blog | PriestessThe High Priestess is one of my favourite Tarot cards, and it’s imagery showcases the role of the priestess in ancient times perfectly… Being connected to the divine, and acting as a channel for passing on messages to those that come to them for counsel

Being a priestess meant living your life in service to a chosen deity, and devoting yourself to spending time at your temple. All the while interacting and working with other priestesses on a daily basis

Many modern priestesses still choose to work with a specific deity (or few) but there’s no pressure to stick with one. In fact, tapping into the energies of multiple deities can be hugely powerful. Some of my personal favourites include Mary Magdalene, Isis, Lilith and Kali

It was no doubt a huge honour, but that was thousands of years ago and things have changed quite a bit since then

In fact the modern priestess is now an entrepreneur, a mother, an influencer, a healer, a teacher. She works long hours, has multiple passions, is skilled in many areas and has her own unique spiritual style

But the call of the priestess remains the same – whether you adorn yourself in robes, or lounge around in mom jeans. If you scroll through social media you’ll see the rise in popularity of women calling themselves ‘priestesses’. -While it may seem like an empowering title to claim, there’s a few requirements to being a priestess and it demands a degree of commitment

It’s lifelong work, not a trend to jump on for the sake of growing your Instagram followers. But the work is hugely rewarding, and if you truly want to contribute to the rising consciousness of the planet then you most likely have priestess qualities within you

Signs you’re a modern day priestess

This list isn’t set in stone, it’s to be taken loosely but still covers the main elements thats sets apart a priestess

  • You have a calling to be of service. Whether you’re fully conscious of what this means or not, there’s an inner knowing that you want to create change in the world. You love holding space for other women and giving guidance
  • You’re highly intuitive. Fully tuned into your feminine essence, you’re able to access the higher realms and act as a channel for those who need it. There may also be times when you just ‘know’ what to do

Dawn Gatward | Blog | Priestess

  • You continue to do the deep work. Your spiritual awakening wasn’t a one-time event, it was the catalyst for more. More inner healing, more mindset shifts, more challenges and more rolling in the mud with your shadow. You don’t shy away from what’s uncomfortable, because you desire growth
  • You love rituals. Anything done on a regular basis with clarity and purpose is considered ritualistic – it can be extravagant or it can be simple. A morning meditation, gratitude journaling before bed, daily walks, monthly intention setting
  • You’re empathic. With your heightened sensitivity, you easily pick up the energy around you and can feel deeply what others are feeling. This makes you even more compassionate and understanding 
  • You work with Source and the Universe. In fact, you love alllll the things – Angels, crystals, astrology, the moon, divination, numerology
  • You fully embody the Feminine. Love is your driving force and you’re committed to daily self-care and honouring your inner divine feminine (even if it’s a work in progress)

You may find that you tick all the above, or there may be a longing to – whether you’re there already or wanting to be, it doesn’t matter. The energy you feel is what matters. And the fact that you’re here, reading this, means that there’s a curiosity and a desire to embody your inner priestess

The thing is, every one of us is unique in our own way. And you’re no different. Your definition of a priestess might be different, so listen to that and trust that. If you hear the call then answer it, because the world needs you

And remember. A modern day priestess doesn’t need a following or all the fancy tools. She is able to do the work with just love in her heart and an intention to help others. She is smart and funny and accepting of her own essence. The rest is a bonus