Unlocking Your Soul Purpose

What is my soul purpose in life? It’s the very question I asked myself that kick-started my journey, and got me to where I am today

And it’s a question that seems to be asked over and over again by spiritual seekers that want more from life. There’s a longing, and a deep desire within that calls to them. It’s easy to get sucked into feeling unfulfilled if you don’t know the answer – like something is missing

It seems to be an age-old question that’s been pondered on for YEARS, and it’s one that so many people have talked about and given their own opinions on. Seriously, just try Googling it and your poor brain will have a massive freak out

But if you want to understand your soul purpose, it’s probably a good idea to also understand the broader concept of ‘purpose’

You see, there are two types of purpose

Yep. You read that right. There are in fact TWO types of purpose – life purpose and soul purpose

Your life purpose is to know happiness

Dawn Gatward | Blog | HappinessIt sounds so simple I know, but there’s a lot more to it than fairy dust and happy thoughts

Forget about that common quote that states your life purpose is to BE happy. That’s a hugely dangerous belief. Imagine you’re fully aligned and living your best life, but something happens that takes you away from feeling happy in a single moment. Are you really not living your life purpose just because of an external event or a mood swing?

Absolutely not!

Humans get gifted a whole range of emotions, and it’s our purpose to experience them all. We came into human form to know what it’s like to live as a human. That includes the full spectrum of emotions

And the Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. With light there’s dark. With up there’s down. And with happiness there’s unhappiness

It ALL needs to be embraced

So your life purpose is to KNOW happiness – because that way you’re not chasing an unrealistic permanent state of bliss. You’re taking the rough with the smooth and having a damn good time when those epic moments appear in your life

How does soul purpose differ?

It’s more common for people to fulfil their life purpose, and I’d argue that a high percentage of them do. Nearly every human would, at some point in their life, have experienced at least one moment of happiness. Of course, the more conscious we all are then the more we can make this a regular occurrence

Your soul purpose on the other hand goes a bit deeper. It builds upon knowing happiness, and works with the notion that you’re here to ‘do’ something

If your life purpose is to know happiness, then your soul purpose is to spread that happiness

Soul purpose takes ALL of your emotions (including happiness) and uses them to steer you forwards. Towards being the greatest version of yourself AND contributing to creating change in the world

Let’s break this down a bit more…

Your soul purpose is to expand and grow, and to help the collective by doing so

Stepping into the greatest version of yourself isn’t a whimsical event that occurs after reciting an affirmation or reading a book on female empowerment. It encompases a hardcore deep dive into several crucial elements (of which expanding your consciousness is the ultimate aim):

  • Accepting your past – when you begin to understand the challenges you’ve gone through and appreciate the lessons you’ve learnt. You Make peace with those things you’d rather forget about, and you do the necessary shadow work (including forgiveness and inner healing)
  • Embodying your present – fully live in the moment and become conscious of the fact that where you’re at is exactly where you need to be. Listen to your intuition and act upon any inspired action steps that need to be taken, while honouring your soul and indulging in self-care
  • Crafting your future – open your mind to all the possibilities that are available to you. And get yourself into a position of alignment so that you manifest a reality that exceeds your wildest dreams

Soul PurposeOf course this is just the bare essentials. On your soul purpose journey anything is possible, and your life can take all sorts of twists and turns. It’s a never ending process that will continue for the rest of your life – so commitment to growth is essential

By doing this work and saying yes to the mission, you’re naturally going to be raising the consciousness of the planet too. Those around you, and anyone you come into contact with WILL feel the effects of your continued expansion. Your energy will act as a ripple effect

I’ve witnessed however, those that feel the call of the SOUL PURPOSE are usually those that want to do more than just exist in their own expansion and ripple bubble. They want to step up more and create impact on a fully conscious and daily basis

They’re the entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners and influencers

And they help the collective by using their own experiences, skills and talents to help others overcome challenges. They dedicate themselves to being of (paid) service to the greater good, so that the world can ultimately become a better (and more conscious) place

Of course, there are still plenty of people that fulfil their soul purpose without being in business. But they’ll still be doing similar things such as sharing their wisdom and passing on their own gifts – with the goal of making someone’s life that little bit easier

In summary…

I don’t believe we exist for the fun of it. Everything in life has a purpose and we’re no exception. Whether we choose the criteria for our lives before we’re born or not is another question, but there’s still a meaning to why we’re here

And things don’t always have to stay the same. Goals, visions, intentions – they grow as we grow, meaning our purpose is always expanding. But having something to aim for certainly gives us a reason to keep going (especially in times of darkness). Purpose acts as motivation and drive, and things are more likely to manifest into reality when you’ve got these on your side

Whether you’re living your life purpose or soul purpose, it doesn’t matter. We’re all here to do the best we can and to make the most of our human experience. We can choose to live a simple life or we can choose to go all in and leave behind a legacy.  We have the power to decide (and to change our minds whenever we want to)