Spirit Guides | Who Are They And What Do They Do?

If you’ve ever had the feeling that you’re not alone, or that something in your life has been divinely orchestrated, then you’ve probably been blessed with the presence of your spirit guides

You see, there’s an entire team working behind the scenes on your behalf. These spirit guides all have a specific job to do, and your growth and development is their main focus.

Every single person on this planet has their own support squad. By understanding who they are and what they do, you can begin to embark on a fabulous journey of connecting with them and opening yourself up to their wisdom and guidance. They are here to help protect, guide and teach you through the many different stages of your life. There may be times when you work with one or two, but others may step in when one chapter ends and another begins.

The more you’re aware of the guidance they bring, the more aligned you can become to the natural flow of life.

What is a spirit guide?

Your guides were assigned to you as helpers before you were born. When your soul was busy negotiating and signing your human contract, these beings stepped forward and offered their assistance to help with your life (and soul) purpose.

I used to assume that a spirit guide was nothing more than a friendly ghost, an invisible BFF that would help me on my journey. But as I became more spiritually connected and learned more about them, I found that there’s many guides available to you. 

They come in and out of your life, helping with various situations that arise. Although you have free will to call upon hundreds of available guides to join your team at any given time, there’s a dedicated team that are the main ones in charge of your wellbeing. Just like the Tarot, there’s both a major and a minor team. The majors are the big players, they’re the ones who have agreed to offer their assistance throughout your entire life. The minors will dip in and out, only offering their help when they’re called upon by you (or enlisted by the majors)

Forms your spirit guides take

There are many, many beings in this universe and all take on different forms (and energy) You may work with one or two quite closely, but it’s important to be aware of who else is available to help

Animal Guides: These guides are hugely popular. Also known as totem animals, they have been worshiped by ancient cultures for years and often come to you with a message. The animal that shows itself to you is reminding you of the traits that you need in your life – it could be a characteristic, a need, a want or a primal urge. The animal may show up in different ways, from being visible in your garden to randomly popping up on your Instagram feed 

Guardian Angel: Your angel has been with you through every life you’ve ever lived. They know you intimately. Their love for you is unconditional and you’ve no doubt felt their presence when you’ve been in need of support or comfort. They are your exclusive guide, and work solely with you and nobody else. They are never far from you and you can call upon them at any time you want

Archangels: These are seen as the leaders of the angel world. They’re hugely powerful and their energy can definitely be felt when they’re present. Each archangel has its own set of skills, and can be called upon to help with many life situations. The most famous Archangels include Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Ariel

Ancestors: They’re part of your lineage and share a blood connection. Because they’ve lived a human life themselves, they’re perfect for understanding the challenges that come with it. Your ancestors can go back lifetimes and there’s a possibility that they’re not recently deceased and you’ve never met them

Elementals: Part of a higher dimension realm, these guides work closely with earth energy and use nature to connect with you. They once had a very psychical presence on the planet. If you’re willing to expand your consciousness you can easily see them. Commonly believed to be ‘mythical creatures’ they include faeries, dragons, unicorns and mermaidsDawn Gatward | Blog | Spirit Guide

Deities: These are Gods and Goddesses from all over the world and throughout history. They’re an important guide for a lot of people because their higher wisdom makes them hugely powerful to work with. Some religions worship specific deities, but anyone from any background can call on them for support. Examples include Kali, Isis, Athena and Odin

Ascended Masters: Having already lived as a human, they’ve ascended to a higher level. In human life they were a huge influence and developed a deep spiritual understanding. Ascended Masters are the ultimate teachers and often seen as the leaders of the spirit world. Names you may recognise include Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Merlin

Deceased Loved Ones: There’s already a soul connection between the two of you, and when they passed over they chose to watch over you and guide you. It’s hugely common for grandparents to fall into this category, but it can be any friend, family, or even acquaintance. They’re great at guiding you to career opportunities, or soul mate connections

6 types of spirit guides…

Now you know the various forms that your Spirit Guides can take, it’s important to understand the main types of guides that you have. These are the roles that were chosen by your squad, and this is how they come in to help, protect and guide you. There’s many other types of roles, but these are the main six:

1. PROTECTOR GUIDES – also known as Guardian Spirit Guides. They are strong in essence and exist to protect you. They’re usually present when you’re embarking on a new project, journey or era of your life. Most commonly, they’ll send animal guides your way to remind you of your own strength. Call upon your guide when you need courage or strength. 

2. GATEKEEPER GUIDES – these are the bodyguards for your soul, and offer you spiritual protection. They’re especially important for anyone doing any type of spiritual work, because they only let in high vibrational energies that are of the highest good. These guides keep you grounded and stop you from travelling too far into the spirit world. Call upon them if you’re starting astral projection or lucid dreaming

3. MESSENGER GUIDES – their main aim is to help you find relevant information that aids your soul growth. They’re able to help you develop your psychic abilities and receive messages from spirit. Every psychic, medium and Akashic worker should take the time to develop their connection with their Messenger Guide. They help with major life decisions and will give insight into the most aligned choices

Dawn Gatward | Blog | Spirit Guide

4. HEALING GUIDES – these help you with your mind, body and soul. They’ll be especially present during times of illness, traumatic events or when you’re generally feeling low in energy. Call upon them to help you through the healing processes. They also act as mentors to those who work in the healing profession. 

5. TEACHER GUIDES – also often referred to as your Master Guides, they oversee your entire life path and help with your spiritual growth. They’ll guide you toward the inspired action you need to take which will help your soul ascend. Work with them to understand your purpose, soul contract and life lessons. When you’re going through a challenging experience, these guides can show you what lesson it’s bringing. They’ll also introduce you to the best teachers to work with, or new subjects to learn.

6. JOY GUIDES – the lesser known of all the guides, but just as vitally important. They will help you stay on your true path of happiness, and their goal is to keep you connected with your inner child. They show you the beauty of life, and will direct you to all the things that you’ll find fun. Their energy is light and playful, and they’re most commonly faeries.

How they show themselves

Whether you’re consciously trying to connect with your guides or not, it’s good to be aware of the many ways they can make themselves known to you. Aside from meditating and meeting them on a psychic level, they’ll often send you signs that they’re present. These signs can also bring  a very specific message 

Dawn Gatward | Blog | Spirit GuideOne way they’ll grab your attention is through synchronistic events. You may initially dismiss these occurrences as random, but there’s always a hidden message. For example, you may have been thinking about a change in your career. And then one day a book falls off the shelf in a bookshop and it’s about the subject you’ve been considering

You may also start to notice certain number patterns showing up time after time. The most famous ones being 111, 222 and 1234. Numbers all hold their own energetic frequencies, each with different meanings

Dreams could also become more memorable, with gentle nudges coming to you while you sleep. Another way your guides may show up is through music – a certain song on the radio could contain a lyric with the exact message you need right now

However your guides make themselves known to you, the important thing to remember is to listen. They have promised to fulfil their duty to you, and they know what your soul purpose is. They are able to see the bigger picture way more than you can, and you can be sure that their guidance will lead you to people, places and situations that you can’t even imagine 

The best way to start connecting is to just ask. Invite them in and pay attention to what happens next. Your intuition is your strongest asset and you should always trust what your heart tells you to be true